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New Training Classes - Starting July 28th!

Doggie Day Camp - New Clients - contact us today for your initial Meet & Greet!



Our huge tree filled and sandy yards are like doggie paradise for all of our doggy friends.  Day Camp is in full swing here at Angelic Tails, and your pup will have a real blast running and playing in our little slice of heaven. Running around real trees and strategically placed stumps, sliding into sandy piles - playing outdoors is so much fun! Indoor play yards are always ready for action as well; slides and toys - lots of fun to be had. A happy place for your dog to get exercise and play in a safe environment, Angelic Tails Camp is open at 6:30am for your convenience!!  

Once you've come in for an initial evaluation, Drop-In Play Time is available all day long. Give your dog the play time it needs with other canine friends to lead a confident and happy life! Spending time with other dogs, learning how to play appropriately and being comfortable away from home are experiences that are super important for most dogs. It's fun, safe, and affordable and your dog will come home tired and happy. Contact us today for your initial interview with you and your pup. (Initial interviews are by appt only please). Any dog that recieves a Bordatella or Canine Influenza vaccine must stay at home for 21 days please.

Indoor play yards are spacious, temperature controlled and offer a fun place to play and hang out with friends. Outdoor yards are fenced-in and spacious and give the dogs an opportunity to really run!

Haven't tried Doggie Day Camp yet? Our smaller play groups make it easy for a first timer to get adjusted and comfortable in a stress free environment - your dog will love to make some new canine companions.

Our Retreat Center

Angelic Tails is a quality and  affordable, doggie day camp, offering many unique services. We understand the needs of dogs- appropriate physical exercise, healthy canine interaction with like minded canine friends and someone qualified to notice and understand their emotional needs and requirements. We are a small, family-run 'camp' ... .we know our clients on a first name basis and we take the time to observe how they play, their personalities, and their preferred play buddies.  It is our goal to create an environment where your pet loves to come and spend the day - a fun and happy place to get their daily exercise. Come once a week or everyday! Our Frequent Visitor program makes it possible and affordable for lots of play time.

First Time Visitor? Our Holistic approach to all aspects of Dog Care is what sets us apart. While staying or playing with us, your pet will:

  • Get pets and hugs-tactile support can be very reassuring to an anxious dog

  • Benefit from a consistent routine, exercise and sufficient rest periods

  • Rest on a raised cot and comfortable blanket during nap times

  • Listen to comforting music at nap time to soothe them as they rest

  • Have frequent access to indoor and outdoor play areas

  • Feel loved and safe


  • Doggie Daycare

  • Trail Walks, Fetch, Animal Massage, & Other Fun Services

  • On-site Bathing and Grooming

  • In-Home Pet Sitting (usually available on short notice)

  • Overnight Boarding is ONLY available for our Day Camp Clients (sorry, if you are not a Day Camper throughout the year, we are not able to accommodate)

Angelic Tails Mission (Rescue Effort)  Wish List

 We currently have 4 dogs and 1 cat that have found their way to us here at the retreat center. We wake them up each morning and tell them how special they are, and promise them a good home someday. We know they would rather be in a house with a loving family, being the center of attention and getting individualized care. Until we can find homes for them, they are here with us waiting to be adopted. If you would like to help us make their days special, we've included a list of things that brings smiles to their furry faces and a jump to their step. Donations can be safely left in the Donation Box at the end of the first driveway. It is checked daily and you can be assured we will receive your donation. For more information on ways you can help, click on the 'Make a Donation' tab on the left. 

Needed Blessings :

The Big Stuff- if you are upgrading washers, dryers, refrigerators, vacuums and the like - we will take the old stuff (if it still works). We go through a lot of appliances here at The Mission.

The Everyday Stuff- dog & cat treats (so yummy) , laundry detergent dog beds ('used' is fine as long as they can be easily washed), kitty litter, and canned cat food.

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